Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michelle Obama's Futile Fat Food Fatwa

The revenge of the state fairs. From sea to shining sea it's the Krispy Kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburger.

Food libertarians unite!!! FED UP

One more cross
for FLOTUS to bear.

...She's hitting the campaign trail, as promised. HT memeorandum. More:
Obama has already proven herself as a fundraising heavyweight.
I couldn't resist. Pass the Krispy Kremes.

Ok, one more:
"The First Lady is an enormous asset...
I know, I'm bad.

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Publia said...

Anne, I am worried for your health. Do not eat that burger.It might make you sick. The best thing it can do for you is to give you indigestion. Go to Donald's or Hackney's or Wendy's. If those are too lean for you, try Culver's.

Anne said...

I'll just have it for dessert, not the main course:)

pathickey said...

Hackneys -Quite Coorect, Ms. Anne.

However, do not pass through this wonderful world without a visit to Illinois Bar and Grill!

Right in the Polish Heart of Archer Heights - lies a Patriot's Choice for artery clogging good sense.
Illinois Bar and Grill
4135 W 47th St, Chicago IL60632
(773) 847-2525
(At S Kedvale Ave)

Good Lord, I am jonesing already and it's only 9:05 AM!


Anne said...