Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dold on Offense in the 10th

UPDATE: New Dold ad, Job Killer***Congress skulks away without passing budget; Obama wants everyone to be encouraged about the future. Your stellar morning round-up at Pundite & Pundette

Indiana's Rep. Mike Pence, a Republican leader to watch, on what is at stake: Tread Boldly

Illinois 10th Republican and small businessman Robert Dold's (latest ad) position on Social Security defended by the Tribune after Dem Seals misrepresents it.

Here's what a voter had to say in the wake of the Dold-Seals debate.

You know if Dan Seals gets in he'll vote for higher taxes--a sure job killer. (except for the favored--on our dime) We don't owe you a paycheck, Dan Seals.

Let's get back to work. Support Robert Dold in the key 10th.

And if you could, support Michigan's Dan Benishek--the quiet doctor with conviction who took on Dem Bart Stupak before he was shamed to retire. More. Powerline: An inconvenient truth about Benishek's opponent.

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