Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Drink TEA or Die

Christine O'Donnell wins decisively in Delaware. Shellacking the establishment.

TWS tight-lipped.

AmSpec here and here


OK, let's be friends now and beat the Marxist in November.

P.S. WSJ: Castle's Defeat: The TARP Curse?

AceofSpadesHQ Five Reasons O'Donnell Could Win http://ace.mu.nu/archives/305702.php
And I am watching the Sox vs. Twinks. Come on Sox!!!

O'Donnell Abu!
More. News to heal by: Rubio 43, Crist 27, Meek 21

michellemalkin GOP establishment's Rick Lazio loses to Tea Party newcomer Carl Paladino in NY GOP guv race http://is.gd/fbcoq

bdomenech "Electing moderates simply to secure a majority for Republicans is a self-defeating proposition." http://bit.ly/9gn2Sy
In other news, Dems are business as usual:
latimestot Ethically-embattled NY Dem Cong Charlie Rangel hangs on to win in crowded primary race in NY 15CD
More. Huffpo eat your heart out: GOP Beats Dems In Primary Turnout For 1st Time Since The Depression


Our Ladies Are Not For Turning, But Our Men Are


John Carey said...

I heard that the Republican establishment does not want to support her and is going to hold money back to teach Tea Partiers a lesson. If this is true it sickens me.

Anne said...

Yes. It's true. The NRSC said tonight they won't support her.


Sneering at the base again.

Donate to O'Donnell.

Her website has crashed from all the traffic.