Monday, September 20, 2010

End the Secrecy, Jan Schakowsky!

Why won't you debate? From Pollak for Congress:
NILES, IL - The Pollak for Congress campaign has asked the Daily Herald to release the tape of a "secret debate" that occurred Friday afternoon between Republican challenger Joel Pollak and incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky at the newspaper's offices in Arlington Heights.

Pollak and Schakowsky each arrived at the Daily Herald for their endorsement interviews at 2:00 p.m., only to find that they were to be interviewed at the same time and in the same room.

Schakowsky had previously refused to debate Pollak (see correspondence below), most recently turning down a request from FOX News Chicago to debate on television.

For nearly 90 minutes, Pollak and Schakowsky vigorously debated the major issues facing the 9th district and the nation, with only four people present.

"Now that we have held a 'secret debate,' I call on Jan Schakowsky to debate in public," Pollak said.
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More. Schakowsky must really be worried about being reelected, calling Joel Pollak "scary". Scary? Joel Pollak? The Harvard law grad and human rights lawyer who used to be a Dem? Scary? I first met Joel at the Wilmette library, a very scary place.

He first drew national notice by questioning Rep. Barney Frank very politely during a talk at the Kennedy School at Harvard, a very scary place too.

I think we need to Rehabilitate Jan Schakowsky. It's time.

P.S. Video of scary guitar-strumming guy:

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