Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I thought this was Rahm

'Who the F--K Are You? What Are You Doing in My F--king Apartment?' JWF.

Pooor Rahmbo, homeless.

Maybe Tony Rezko will give him a spot in the mansion.

More. CBS2Chicago:
Republican strategist Dan Proft said Emanuel's situation "really is a Pandora's box and the fact it is getting scrutiny now I think limits Rahm's options."

Proft noted that to be chosen at the ballot box, candidates for mayor must maintain a city residence for one year.

The issue, if unresolved, stands to haunt Emanuel for months if his residency status is appealed by a challenger.
Really, would you want Rahmbo lurking in your basement?

More. WaPo:
The one-time congressman needs to convince Chicago voters he's not just a Washington big shot with a reputation for ruthless politics, but still one of them.

"There is nothing in his history to show he wanted to be mayor or that this was his dream job. If there were ... he would have been involved in local activities, organizations, spoken out about violence," said political consultant Delmarie Cobb, who was press secretary for the Democratic National Convention in 1996 and the Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 presidential bid.

Violence? More:

"He has to meet with the core of people who don't like him and charm them and let them go out and spread the word that he's not that bad, he's very considerate (he's) got Chicago in his heart," said June Rosner, a public relations consultant long involved with Chicago politics.

And when confronted with Emanuel's hard-nosed reputation, Rosner said those supporters need to respond: "'Listen, we want a tough mayor.'"

Maybe June has a spare room.

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