Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jesse's Girl, Mayor Rahmbo, Madiganistan & the Axe

The cool $6 million pay to play Blago bleepin golden Senate seat deal may yet land him in jail (don't count on any Dem ethics probe) but the Jesse's Girl scandal has cooked Rep. Jackson's golden goose politically. And VOTE Isaac Hayes.

Who knows if Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and possible mayoral aspirant has any skeletons in her closet (well maybe Gloria Steinem) --has Rahmbo had a chat with you yet, Lisa-- but her dad the Speaker of the Illinois House is keeping his own seat warm by acting in bipartisan fashion--Chicago style.

And Astroturf Axelrod is returning home to work his "complete spin doctor" voodoo. (Good luck with that.) See you at the next TEA party--November.

Defeating the Obama Machine (video) VOTE!

In Chicago, in Illinois, in these United States of America. VOTE!

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