Monday, September 27, 2010

Real America Riffs

We are not the Ukraine. Yet.

El Rushbo riff on real people. RCP. [on tonight with Greta]

Inspired to write a song in Virginia. I'm an American.


But I would like to make it clear that I am not indulging in a figure of speech: I think it’s a pretty useful heuristic: If you’re not willing to have somebody hauled off at gunpoint over the project, then it’s probably not a legitimate concern of the state.

Democrats doing poorly even in an area where the economy is resilient--North Dakota. They're doing worse in other parts of rural America.

Just south in South Dakota--is it Midwest or West?--there's another contender, Sen. John Thune. Well, he hails from the heartland, right next to Nebraska, the reddest state in the nation, last I checked, and the election opener in Iowa. He's a tall drink of water:)
Video: Russ Carnahan Laughed at by audience as he explains Social secutiy is "stable"
: MUST LISTEN - Rev. Wayne Perryman at Beverly Hills Tea Party
And Broadside Books emerge.

Real America:) makes a statement.

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