Monday, September 27, 2010

Feingold-Bomb, Gets Rich Hollywood $$$

Cratering in the polls to Tea Party pick Ron Johnson, Dem. Sen. Russ Feingold reveals his idea of campaign finance reform. Hollywood comics shoveling food in their mouths cut an ad.

I suppose it's better than Illinois Dem Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias' Hollywood money laundering, uh funding.

Our President Barack Obama is showing up again in Wisconsin. WaPo:

The students on this leafy, generally liberal campus once constituted one of the strongest battalions in Obama's grass-roots army. Two years later, the political dynamic has changed. Across campus, stickers, signs or chalkings for any politician are scarce. The laundromat where Obama's young volunteers once staged late-night phone banks and planned bus trips to neighboring Iowa has gone out of business. And some students who say they voted for Obama in 2008 now say they don't even know who's on the ballot this fall.
Clearly Feingold's getting a bit long in the tooth. More:

In the weeks since classes began, Organizing for America says it has recruited more than 60 new campus volunteers and identified 16 dorm captains to turn out the student vote. So far, about 800 students have signed pledge cards committing to vote. But that's a far cry from two years ago, when 17,000 students packed the basketball arena to hear Obama exhort, "Let's go change the world!"

Dan Grandone, the group's Wisconsin state director, said it's an unfair comparison. "It's hard to compare apples to oranges," he said. "This is like apples to maybe a vegetable.
Ouch. The Obamage seems so long ago. And food faux-pas can't rescue the cheddar-bomb. Not just Joe the Biden but Michelle may no longer be welcome. No wonder Sen. Feingold has to go out of state for support.

P.S. Packers-Bears tonight. The cheeseheads are in town and on the menu:)

More. Via Newsalert. The race heats up.

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