Friday, September 17, 2010

That radical common sense

"advocacy of limited government is a political winner." I noted that "moderates" and "independents" -- what some called "the radical middle" -- actually are driven by fiscal issues more than just about anything else.

Every Tea Party candidate has been variously described as crazy, stupid, and on track to destroy America, if elected. Funny, that’s pretty much what was said about Barry Goldwater and his followers by the establishment. And yet, that didn’t stop him from reshaping the Republican Party and laying the groundwork for the Reagan Revolution.


Mrs. Pelosi's liberals are unenthusiastic, since most would prefer to let all the tax cuts expire. Mrs. Pelosi's Blue Dogs are petrified, since a vote to retain only some cuts will be turned by the GOP into ads explaining that what Democrats in fact voted for was a $700 billion tax increase on small businesses and capital at a time of economic difficulty.

For the 75-plus House Democrats whose seats are in danger, having to defend that vote, in addition to health care, stimulus or cap and trade, would be ghastly. [snip]

Perhaps the only thing worse than being accused of voting for $700 billion in tax increases is being accused of doing nothing and allowing $4 trillion in tax increases, most of them on average Americans.
For conservatives on the ground, it has often felt as if Democrats (and moderate Republicans) were always saying, "We should spend a trillion dollars," and the Republican Party would respond, "No, too costly. How about $700 billion?" Conservatives on the ground are thinking, "How about nothing? How about we don't spend more money but finally start cutting."
Yes. Our Entire Political Establishment Has Failed.

Oh, yeah, we're the crazy ones. With that radical common sense.

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