Friday, September 17, 2010

Familias and Mark Kirk

New Kirk ad.

Huffpo picks it up.

CBS2Chicago. Kirk Gets Rudy's Nod, Highlights Gang Problem:
"You need a senator who will give guidance to the Justice Department, that Illinois should not be number-one in gang members per capita," Kirk added.

CBS 2 wanted to ask Giannoulias his views on whether the feds should have a greater role in reducing gang violence. His campaign merely offered a statement calling Kirk "out of touch."

Mark Kirk appeared with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in Chicago, where both men endorsed legislation that would provide $20 million for a national anti-gang task force.

The federal government should exert the same focus toward breaking up street gangs that it exerted in helping to bring down Capone nearly a century ago, said Kirk, who is running for President Barack Obama's former Senate seat. Kirk faces Democrat Alexi Giannoulias and other candidates in November.

One of the proudest periods in Chicago history, the five-term U.S. congressman added, "was the coordinated effort to take out Al Capone. And now we should have a coordinated effort to take out the Latin Kings and Vice Lords."

Gangs prey on the poor and perpetuate crime, poverty and the break-up of family and social life.

Why would Kirk's Dem opponent Alexi Giannoulias care about crime anyway. He lent money to mobsters. He looted his own bank at our expense and you can't get a straight answer from this guy about anything.

State of the race at RCP here.

More. Economist says tough decade ahead for Illinois

Kirk Campaign Statement on Illinois Job Loss

Northbrook, Ill. – Kirk for Senate spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski released the following statement today following news that Illinois lost another 4,200 jobs in August.

“Today’s unemployment numbers show the economy under Governor Quinn and Treasurer Giannoulias continues to fail Illinois. We deserve better, like Mark Kirk who will fight for lower taxes, less spending and a Small Business Bill of Rights to promote higher employment. These economic numbers showing more lost jobs highlight the clear choice between Congressman Kirk’s vision for economic growth and Treasurer Giannoulias’ call for higher state income taxes.”

Kirk Statement on Mayor Daley's Visit to China

Congressman Mark Kirk released the following statement regarding Mayor Daley’s visit to China:

"In tough economic times, we should take action to boost Illinois exports to Asia. I applaud Mayor Daley's decision to lead a China mission, highlighting Chicago at the Shanghai World Expo. We need more leaders to help find new customers for Illinois products to boost jobs here in the heartland."

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