Saturday, September 11, 2010

We will never forget

Americans Didn't Overreact to 9/11

Nine years on.

Imagining Islam. Wishful thinking will not bring success or security


Quite Rightly said...

Andrew McCarthy makes a great point (among many) when he points out that "Self-delusion is a convenient policy."

Convenience. That explains so much of public policy today.

Looking at the direction of this country through the lens of what both leaders and followers will regard as convenient makes it difficult to imagine that our collective goose is not already completely cooked.

The Founders and immigrants who fled to this country to enjoy a life of freedom were not much interested in convenience.

Anne said...

And you make a great point too.

Thank God our Founders had the fortitude, and the immigrants who followed them.

Will we be worthy of them, and keep this country. That's the question.

Tom's Place said...

Never give up, never give in, always remember. I will...

Shame on those who have.

Anne said...

Thanks Tom.

God Bless.