Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Americans for Prosperity, Illinois

The latest eeeeevil people demonized by The One and his team. Because prosperity is a dirty word. What's AFP's platform? Ron Gidwitz Op-Ed in the Trib today:

•We want lower taxes and less government spending, ideas that appeal to a solid majority of Americans.

•We support removing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship to spark citizen involvement in the regulatory process.

•We aim to restore fairness to our judicial system.

Very, very scary.

I've been to one or two AFP events. They instill common sense research skills and encourage citizens to arm themselves with a camera to foster transparency at the local level.

In an essentially one-party state like Illinois this is critical.

Just today's headlines:

Top Stroger aide Oglesby arrested, charged in probe. Money laundering, theft among charges against deputy chief of staff

Key Stroger aide arrested on corruption charges. She pushed through county contracts that didn't require board OK

Niles trustees vote to keep imprisoned ex-mayor's name on sign

Imagine how much of this stuff doesn't get caught and prosecuted.

Where we are, Illinois:

Illinois Pays More Than Mexico as Cash-Strapped States Sell Bonds Overseas
(Hey, how come Alexi's not making these announcements. Are you camera shy?)

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