Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Peace does not keep itself

This is the beef I have with some libertarians--who keeps free trade free if not us?
Global prosperity requires commerce and trade, and this requires peace. But the peace does not keep itself. The Global Trends 2025 report, which reflects the consensus of the U.S. intelligence community, anticipates the rise of new powers—some hostile—and projects a demand for continued American military power. Meanwhile we face many non-state threats such as terrorism, and piracy in sea lanes around the world. Strength, not weakness, brings the true peace dividend in a global economy.
But the Obama administration is simply not doing enough to ensure that our strength is preserved. We now have the smallest Navy we have ever had since 1916 and the oldest Air Force in recorded history.
Then there are the leftists. It's the unchecked spending on entitlements that's bankrupting us, not our military. More at Heritage.

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