Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Unruly Mob Recites Pledge of Allegiance

In spite of the League of (Liberal) Women Voters. Not in Land of Lincoln, remember Lincoln Illinois this time but Pennsylvania, land of William Penn:omg they're reciting the Pledge. It's INSURRECTION.

Former Peters High School principal Tom Hajzus was sitting in the front row with a 22-year-old Marine veteran wounded by a bomb in Afghanistan.

“The insensitivity, to me, was inexcusable and outrageous,” said the registered Democrat and Murphy supporter. The crowd’s reaction “was an American moment, that’s what that was,” he said.

And I am blogging by the fireside listening to the World Series. It's my fireside chat.

Hell yes. America, America.

Finally these PC liberal women are being challenged and revealed for what they are.

...A proud member of our military--she just sang God Bless America. God Bless.

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