Saturday, October 23, 2010

In League (of Women Voters) with ACORN

Follow-up on the refusal of the LOWV moderator at the IL8th congressional forum to allow the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The audience, meeting in a school, spontaneously said the Pledge. Afterword, the Illinois head called it phony patriotism. How respectful and civic-minded. Well, not surprisingly:
Jeff Dunetz
Illinois League of Women Voters Big Shot Who Bashed Pledge of Allegiance, Is Former ACORN Worker
Oh, yeah. They are non-partisan. For sure.

So hire me.

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More. This is all over the net now. HT Instapundit. Don Surber on the great American who asked why not the Pledge. And yes, he's a veteran.

More. Memeorandum buzz. McHenry County Blog has another video--basically the audio, where the LOWV moderator lectures the audience. Before and after the Pledge.

What I want to know--where does Dem Rep. Melissa Bean stand? Is she in favor of the Pledge at a debate or not? Does she think those who stood up and recited the Pledge in the Grayslake school were "phony patriots"?

More. Hillbuzz:) If I see her in the suburb next door I'll let you know:) I wonder, does she know the words? ...The hyphenated name is a dead-giveaway to prissy lib.

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