Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Because assassination is just personal

More from the Ayers apparent enlightened ones at the U of I who think he should have been granted emeritus status. Speaking up for oppressed nail bombers and would be assassins everywhere:
The faculty and student concern comes after Kennedy voted against Ayers' appointment, saying he was guided by his conscience and could not support someone who had dedicated a book to the man who assassinated his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. The other trustees, without comment, also voted to deny the title to Ayers, who retired in August after joining UIC as an education professor in 1987.

"Those remarks were quite understandable given Chairman Kennedy's family history, but I don't think they were appropriate when considering honoring an academic. I also think that there was a bit of a conflict of interest that should have been ironed out before the meeting," said Ellithorpe, a sophomore from Highland Park.
Because Chris Kennedy is somehow benefiting from this.

Because objecting to murderous thugs is sooo declasse and inappropriate. Not to mention honoring an unrepentant domestic terrorist, who's been living on our dime for years--and has never, never paid his debt to society.

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