Thursday, September 30, 2010

Those Nail Bombing Ethical Constraints: UIC Faculty Considers Throwing in with Ayers

Because Bill Ayers is the kind of guy academics should go balls to the wall for.

Chicago Breaking News:

It is extremely rare for the board to comment on or vote against emeritus appointments.
Some UIC faculty members, writing on an internal faculty e-mail listserv, have expressed concerns that the board turned what should have been a routine academic decision into a personal one.

In a proposed resolution, highly-regarded professor Elliott Kaufman suggested that the Faculty Senate ask the board to reconsider its decision, one he said was a conflict-of-interest and "inappropriately influenced by personal and political comments."

He urged board members to "adhere to the ethical constraints that normally govern their meetings."

"Isn't this the new, squeaky-clean, highly-ethical board of trustees? What happened? It is worth airing the laundry here," said Kaufman, who retired last year after serving in numerous faculty leadership positions, in an interview with the Tribune.

"The chair had a conflict of interest and he put the other trustees in an impossible position," Kaufman said. "He drew a dotted line between the assassination of the Kennedy brothers and giving Bill Ayers emeritus status. The result is what we got and I just don't think it was a fair way to do it."

Well hell.

Bombs away...

(Ayers' wife Bernardine Dohrn, also an unrepentant terrorist, is a professor at Northwestern)

...if we don't agree with you. Highly regarded notwithstanding.

Attn. UIC trustees. If you want to keep your new squeaky clean status resist this leftist--in what universe is this OK--faculty crap.

And don't hire any more unrepentant domestic terrorists. Unrepentant.

No matter how much of daddy's money is donated to the school.

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