Saturday, October 02, 2010

Chicago aldermen offended by Rahmbo's royal send-off

Dead carp and all. Some carping back home...

Hey, I consider offending Chicago aldermen a good thing and if it's The One's anointed one who does it, all the better. Let them snarl and show themselves for what they are. Sun Times:

Others went so far as to advise the president of the United States to butt out or risk a political backlash.

“The resentment is someone who appears to come in from out of state with a bunch of money — and no significant ties to the South or the West Side — and appearing to clout and buy his way into an election,” said Ald. Howard Brookins (21st).

Someone using clout and buying his way into an election? Are carp bottom feeders?

Getting the Rahm-around:

Rahm and the Blago factor. The timing of the new trial just prior to the mayoral election this spring.

Emanuel Would Need to Explain $17 Million Bank Pay

Rahm's White House visitor's trail.

We could end up with lots of dead fish. In Chicago, that would be an improvement. Take each other out. Make my day.

More. Tribune on the Blago/Rahmbo implications:

But the Tribune has learned more about taped conversations Emanuel had as well as what he told investigators about efforts to get Blagojevich to accept someone who had Obama's approval. They offer a deeper glimpse into his late-inning involvement in negotiations over the seat.

Let's say it directly--the incoming Obama administration's whitewash report after Blago's arrest did not mention the RahmbObama contacts on behalf of Valerie Jarrett.

...And then there's good old Tony Rezko: Rezko ready to testify against Blagojevich

More. Scott Stantis cartoon above.

...Kristol on Rahmbo. Bantam cock...

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