Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dems Losin' It: Reagan Dems Shift Further to GOP Edition

Double the margin of the last election.
"They try to make everybody think the economy is better, and it isn't," Jennifer Moore, 40, a school bus driver from Amherst, Va., said of Democrats. "Gas prices are going up, food is going up and people working for the minimum wage can't make it."
No wonder the Dems are flirting with shifting the deck chairs on their Titanic administration with Hillary and Joe the Biden.

It won't work. Voters have seen enough of this administration's excuses and incompetence.

Drudge headers: Biden Says He'll 'Strangle' Republicans...

Private Sector Hiring in Sept. Falls 39,000... ("unexpectedly" once again. PC media continually surprised)

Middle Class Slams Brakes on Spending...

GOLDMAN SACHS: Economy 'fairly bad' or 'very bad' over next 6 months...

New Yorkers' Income Falls for 1st Time in 70 Years...

...Presidential seal falls off podium as Obama speaks (AP)

Related. TAS: Poll Suggests Hispanics Won't Save Democrats in November:
Hispanics don't seem that interested in voting and aren't primarily motivated by immigration.
But this:
Only 28 percent of Latino Democrats have followed the election that closely compared to 44 percent of Hispanic Republicans, suggesting that the Hispanics who do turn out may, pace Harry Reid, be disproportionately Republican. Hispanic Republicans are favored to be elected governor and lieutenant governor of New Mexico, governor of Nevada, and U.S. senator from Florida.

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