Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Pothead Job Creation in Michigan

Is this the eventual Obama health care plan? Your only med of choice?

Southfield, Michigan

It’s hard to recall the precise moment when I realized I’d been hoodwinked by my US Airways pilot. Instead of taking me to Detroit, as my ticket promised, it seemed he had deposited me on the set of Weeds, the Showtime program about a workaday upper-middle class mother who decides to become a pot dealer.

...Make Grandpa a brownie.

Stoney and Nick admit they’re guilty of several pothead stereotypes. Yes, they like to get baked, eat Cheetos, and watch Harold & Kumar. But, Stoney protests, “They say we’re unproductive, but how many people are on Facebook all day, playing FarmVille” having no human contact? “Facebook’s horrible,” Nick amens. “Kids sitting on it all day getting obese because they’re drinking Red Bull and eating donuts. Go out and do something! Go out and grow some pot!”
(Will Michelle take it up? Let's move Detroit! Goes right along with that stellar green homeless exercise for energy initiative.)

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