Saturday, October 23, 2010

William J. Kelly sings "Defying Jay Levine"

It brought tears to my eyes:) Previous posts here and here. From the Kelly Truth Squad:
Dear Friends,
Great news! On today's Kelly Truth Squad - I'm talking with Andrew Breitbart about the assault charges I've filed against CBS anchor Jay Levine over the infamous Rahm Emanuel video. It's 6pm tonight on AM 560 WIND - tune in or listen on the internet.
Adam Andrzewski will also be joining me to talk about Lech Walesa!
If you didn't hear my interview with Sean Hannity this week, here's where you can listen in.

We're #1 and #2 at the Washington Times Communities again today with Juan Williams, O'Reilly and Why Goldberg, Behar Deserved that PC Smackdown
A little off-key but fun. Listen to my rendition of "Defying Jay Levine" set the soundtrack from the musical, "Wicked." Yes, I'm defying Jay Levine!
Thanks for believing and staying on my side. The more of us, the better. There are groups that are all about ego. Let's be all about activism and give everyone a chance to speak out.

William J. Kelly

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christine said...

why r u abusing old people that dude is old respected member of chicago's news team now everyone in chicago hates you bill not just me!!! u r a weirdo