Monday, October 04, 2010

Jon Voight Joins Joel Pollak in Skokie on 10/14

[Also note, Health Care Forum tonight, Evanston] From the Pollak for Congress campaign (Illinois 9th congressional):
Academy Award-winning actor JON VOIGHT will be joining Joel Pollak and other distinguished guests at:
Thursday, October 14
7-9 pm
Shallots Bistro
Light dinner and wine reception and discussion
(See invitation below)
Jon Voight, Academy-Award winner, whose filmogrpahy includes acting in and directing over fifty films, is Hollywood's most outspoken supporter of Israel. Voight paid a solidarity visit to Israel and rocket-traumatized Sderot, on the state's 60th birthday. He has spoken up for Israel in when President Obama condemned it for building Jewish homes in Jerusalem, when the media rushed in to blame Israel for the Gaza Flotilla incident, and when TIME Magazine slandered Israel for not wanting peace. Every time Israel needs a friend to counter a biased media, Jon Voight is there.
Please sign up to attend this incredible evening, and please consider becoming a host. Also help us spread the word and forward this email to your friends, neighbors, and family. Feel free or email me with any questions.
224.392.3264 cell
To Register for U.S. & Israel: Winning the Media War

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