Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More ObamaCare Fallout: Catholic Bishops, Big Employers

Vatican’s Chief Justice: Catholic Politicians Who Support Abortion or Gay Marriage Must Publicly Repent. Video via Breitbart. After nearly 40 years of an uneasy coexistence with Catholic Democrat pols who were "personally opposed" but publicly stridently pro-abortion, after the Stupak and Co. betrayal, the bishops have clearly had enough.

Perhaps the mortal assault on Catholic Hospitals, as exemplified by the scandalous treatment of Scranton's Mercy Hospital by Catholic Democrat politicians, has caused the bishops to take their full moral outrage public.

Citing ObamaCare, BOEING pares employee plan

How ObamaCare Will Clog the System - Marc Siegel, USA Today,via RCP

One size fits all with no brakes on the system. NRO revisits the McDonald's mini-med waiver:

Thus, if the McDonald’s plan in question were instead, say, a dental plan, the coverage would clearly be exempt — under both current law and Obamacare — and it would never have become an issue or a PR problem for the administration and for Obamacare supporters.

While this may all seem somewhat arcane, it is far from arcane to the million-plus workers for whom continuation of their current coverage is now contingent on the politically motivated decisions of HHS political appointees.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are at risk. The most vulnerable are at the beginning and the end of life.

These are the ones society should be most resolved to protect.

These are the ones ObamaCare puts most at risk.

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