Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Specter of Taxin' Alexi

Giannoulias haunts Chicago in a new NRSC ad. Hotline.Very, very effective, especially since it's in contrast to the Stanley Cup can-do optimism of the Chicago Blackhawks warm-up video.

Alexi can give his dogcatcher dog ate my homework explanations but they won't wash.

He's not just a taxin' Dem, he's a tax and spend Dem. In his interview with the Tribune, that led to his non-endorsement, he couldn't come up with a single spending program he'd cut. Not one.

Over the weekend he played the race card. Yesterday he tried to distance himself from his basketball buddy Barack:
Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias says President Barack Obama made a mistake by focusing heavily on health care reform.

During an Associated Press interview Monday, Giannoulias said there should have been a "laser like" focus in Washington on creating jobs.
Illinois is in a death spiral after years of the Dem ruling class. When the economy started melting down did Alexi manage his piece of the puzzle well?

Too little, too late, Alexi. Where have you been? Where have you been.Debate tonight. 7 pm WLS890am radio. On WLS ABC7 TV after that, 10:35 pm central.

RCP here.

Breakaway, Illinois! Break the Dem chokehold.

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