Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NOT a children's book. Where's Muhammad?

Annals of Dhimmitude. Scott Johnson, Powerline

Where's Mohammed? Where's Courage? Sally Humhorth, The American Thinker

The PC media's total brain cramp.

Freedom Dims. Toward Dhimmitude:
So let me get this straight. The PC media tells us that this alleged WMD bomber wannabe could be just an insecure loudmouth who had a grudge or two, and the FBI tells us in Chicago they've got it all under control, there was never any danger.

Yet a woman newspaper cartoonist who drew some Disneyesque cartoons of Mohammad as a purse or a spool of thread in Seattle is urged by the same FBI to go ghost, change her identity.
Just give those "peace activists" a chance.

P.S. Terror threat to restaurants; Al Qaeda calls for attacks on government workers in DC...

Heightened concerns in Europe over potential terrorist attack

Al-Qaida in North Africa seen as key Europe threat:

Last week, a U.S. citizen of Algerian origin was arrested in Spain on suspicion of financing the al-Qaida affiliate by sending money to an associate in Algeria. He was released for lack of evidence, but ordered to check in with police daily pending further investigation.

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