Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Freedom Dims. Toward Dhimmitude

So let me get this straight. The PC media tells us that this alleged WMD bomber wannabe could be just an insecure loudmouth who had a grudge or two, and the FBI tells us in Chicago they've got it all under control, there was never any danger.

Yet a woman newspaper cartoonist who drew some Disneyesque cartoons of Mohammad as a purse or a spool of thread in Seattle is urged by the same FBI to go ghost, change her identity.

She didn't threaten anybody with death and destruction, did she.

Yet she's supposed to change her identity to save her life.

How many other insecure, random amateurs are out there who want to blow us up, poison our water, hit City Hall with ricin...on July 4th...or Sept. 11th, as this alleged Chicago bomber wanted to--which the media has for the most part ignored. Or Christmas.

There's no significance to these dates, no, no, no.

Down in Florida a misguided minister threatens to burn the Koran--the FBI descend and ask him to desist and the media joins the chorus of authorities that insinuate this act will bring on WWIII, while feeding us articles like this.

So let me get this straight.

Back in the day the media lauded a Piss Christ exhibit in the public Brooklyn Museum. Will they cheer a Koran-burning at the Smithsonian? (we're funding what?)

In case you aren't aware, media, but you are, aren't you--you chose to remain silent--the Rushdie Rules have spread to America.

P.S. ATTN Media--for pointers on future dhimmi sensitivity, Mark Steyn has a list for you. Listen up.

...Listen up. Wise up.

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