Friday, October 01, 2010

OBL Channels Dems, The One Trashes Radical Republicans

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Al Gore once warned the internal combustion engine was the greatest threat to the planet. Greater than any war.

Maybe that's why OBL and his terror pals keep setting car bombs, etc.

What would he do with nukes?

We know we can call on The Goracle and the Dems to unleash some electric tanks or solar airplanes to defend us. Or maybe a pedal-powered cyber reply.

Meanwhile our President Barack Obama wants to free the slaves or something.


Are you a slave, Barack? The most powerful man in the world?

Yes. That's what America's worried about these days. Slavery. More trash talk:
At another point, he told Democrats upset at a perceived lack of progress to think of the patience of onetime slaves. "You know, the slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs, they weren't sure when slavery would end, but they understood it was going to end," he said.
But since you mention it, this is what a radical Republican looks like.

P.S. Huffpo "Woman Gets Shunned By Friends For Hosting Tea Party" picks up WaPo story:
One activist, Toby Marie Walker, said she was called a racist at her local convenience store for wearing a T-shirt that said "We the People."

Many activists joke that telling people they are part of the tea party is akin to disclosing that they are gay, exposing themselves to anger and ridicule by taking a step they describe as deeply cathartic.

Hey lefties--Tea Party goes worldwide:)

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