Friday, October 01, 2010

Schakowsky: Quoting the Constitution Is ‘Some Sort of Revolutionary Plan’ by Extreme Republican ‘Tenthers’


Hmm, wasn't the Constitution established after the American revolution? Something about no taxation without representation--rebelling against an arrogant ruling class? Why should anyone worry about all the debt this Dem bunch is running up?

Yet we who dare to disagree with her are mocked by that exemplar of townhall integrity, Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

Well, we know she has little respect for democracy, you know her actual constituents, and runs roughshod over ethical constraints in aid of her powerful campaign contributors.

Yes, Jan Schakowsky takes the big bucks from a blatantly dishonest group that enables anti-Semites and undermines Israel.

But we're the ones who are extreme. And scary. For quoting the Constitution.

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John Hetman said...

I plan on sending her back to Zarmina in November along with her consort, author, advisor to the President, and ex-con hubby, Bob. "Jan" needs a long vacation in a galaxie far, far away from the Illinois 9th Congressional District.

Anne said...