Friday, October 08, 2010

UAW Kills Jobs in Indiana

Government Motors strikes again. Watch.

Related: Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein, Forbes: Emancipation From What ... Capitalism? President Obama called belief in capitalism ''blind faith.'' But progressives are the ones who ask for blind faith--in the government.

Every economic system, no matter how it is described, is a system that distributes resources among competing interests. In a Progressive system, government officials control this process. In a free market system, resources flow to those who use them best to improve the lives of others. The market votes every day on these products and services and the successful ones are given more resources. To prove how fluid this system is, more businesses fail each year than succeed.

This is not true of government. Once started, government programs rarely fail. The system perpetuates them with more money and more resources. The waste increases over time until it becomes so overwhelming that the entire system fails. The Roman Empire, the Soviet Union, Greece, California and Illinois are all the evidence needed.

The real problem with the economy these days it that we have moved too far away from free market capitalism. As government spending has increased, so has unemployment. This is not a mystery; the bigger the government, the smaller the private sector and the less dynamic the economy. If there is any emancipation needed these days it's from the government, not from capitalism.

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