Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Astonishingly Stupid TSA

Are we surprised, since Homeland Security is being run by the Obama political patronage Man-Caused Disaster (not to mention a Justice Dept. run by Eric Effing Holder), the System Works Janet Incompetano? Let's stipulate the new naked scanners would not have stopped the underpants bomber--they're not good at tracking gels, nor do they see inside body cavities where terrorists have secreted bombs. The gropes don't do that either. Yet.

Can we go private, O'Hare, rather than having our privates exposed or groped. One airport opts out already. You can now go to Disney World without being sexually assaulted. Can we profile, as the Israelis successfully do, instead of subjecting everyone to the same level of suspicion?

Good profiling, not bad
. Smart, not stupid.

Criminally stupid. What about a known terrorist apologist and advocate being put on the Obama administration Homeland Security Advisory Council? What next.

Astonishingly stupid. More TSA horror stories.

IowaHawk: More. No union for Transportation Security workers

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MJ Stevenson said...

I love the pictures you have up here. Excellent post!
I've got a huge collection of information about the TSA insanity at my own blog if you'd like to have a look:

I found this post from you today because I keep your blog in my blogroll. I greatly admire your work.