Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Bernadin Bishop

Not the kind of leader Catholics need these days when life is under assault.

Joseph Cardinal Bernadin of Chicago was a good and holy man but very misguided--he sheltered ACORN under the auspices of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, collecting money at mass for years. It's only recently that this connection was cut when revelations about ACORN were so egregious they couldn't avoid it.

Then there's this:
While the rest of the country has punished Notre Dame’s bottom line since they honored President Obama (to the tune of $120 million in withheld donations), Bishop Kicanas has doubled-down in his support of the institution.
Note that Notre Dame has still chosen to prosecute the 88 who protested the Obama honors. Thomas More Society:
In its November 2010 issue, leading Catholic monthly magazine the New Oxford Review has published an article about the Thomas More Society’s defense of the ND88—men and women, including a priest and a nun, who were arrested, jailed and are being prosecuted for daring to step onto Notre Dame’s campus in May 2009, in prayerful, peaceful protest against the honors the University bestowed on pro-abortion President Barack Obama. The article bears the ominous title, “A Showdown for the Ages,” and reads:

If Notre Dame is willing to let the cases go to trial, then we’d better brace ourselves for an epic showdown—one whose impact will reverberate throughout the American Catholic Church.

The Shame of Notre Dame continues. The Sin of Pride goes on.

Catholics voted with the majority of Americans in these midterms. Are we to be represented by a reactionary bishop who will not defend life, at either its beginning or end?

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