Sunday, November 21, 2010

Classless Ruling Class on Palin. Barbara Bush

She keeps her mouth shut for years to emerge with this?

I guess she wants to stay in the good graces of the Kennebunkport set, but did you notice even Maine went TEA party, Barbara?

Sarah Palin is in tune with America--common sense and guts. Grounded and inspirational.

Get used to it.

And while I won't tell Barbara Bush to shut up I think these establishment types are creating a backlash among the base--we want to choose our own candidates, thank you very much.

That's what this election was about--because the establishment are FOOLS and have run this country into the ground while they pork up themselves and their friends.

I don't know if Sarah Palin is going to run or not but this kind of derisive treatment had better be spurned by prominent Republican candidates or they'll fall by the wayside fast.

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P.S. Sarah Palin's Alaska, Episode 2 tonight. Walking the walk.

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