Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Sexy is TSA

SNL Imagines TSA Agents as Sex Workers. Video.

And TSA apparently may hire sex offenders.

This from a reader:
My 58 year old mother who had a titanium knee replacement in April 2010 was groped going through security at O'Hare Int'l Airport on her way to Palm Springs, CA to see my sister having a C-Section. Her breasts were lifted up underneath her shirt & genitals felt up. The details of the second part are nothing short of molestation, as she shared with my significant other what exactly took place:

"Had I been wearing a tampon with a string, this would have been pulled out by the TSA agent."

Utterly vile! My Mom told TSA she had a titanium knee as she entered the security area. She bears the scar tissue on her knee to prove the recent surgery.

My mother is trained as a psychologist. She shared that these TSA employees know they have absolute power over travelers. Furthermore, due to my mother's professional work and specializing in areas related to children, she discussed the serious problem now faced by women and girls who are survivors of rape, sexual molestation and sexual abuse. Potential for flashbacks, PTSS, or worse. If if one of these women or girls responds in anger, they will face even more trouble from TSA.

...Air travel: One step behind terrorists

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