Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How bout climate change talks in Iceland

Not Cancun. NY Times:
It attracts thousands of journalists, environmental campaigners and corporate executives, each looking for a story or selling a product.

The actual negotiations tend to take place behind closed doors, where progress is measured in verb tenses and punctuation changes. And nothing of significance seems to happen until the 11th hour of the final day.

(Doubtless sucking on big government's teat.) Come on NY Times, Wikileak whores--off to Iceland, where other promoters ally themselves with Julian Assange--we want climate change Wikileaks.

P.S. Do you know how to build a fire, NY Times.

P.P.S. What we could use is someone to pull a WikiLeaks on WikiLeaks itself.

And this:
7. The key to understanding the WikiLeaks phenomenon lies in the erosion of the distinction, once clear and accepted, between the public and the non-public. Diplomacy, to work at all effectively, must draw a line between the “consultative process” and the “work product.” This is but part of the human condition: Human beings need to consult, speculate, brainstorm, argue with each other—yes, even to gossip and say dopey things—in order to find their way through the difficult task of coming to an official, or publicly stated position which would then be open (legitimately) to criticism. The refusal to see this distinction is, effectively, Marxist: It all comes down to property, which in Marxist terms is the root of evil. So one is no longer allowed to have property even in musings and speculations. (This, of course, is what underlies political correctness: You must no longer be allowed to think, let alone say, certain things.)
Freedom under assault in so many ways. Take note libertarians--especially in Iceland. These guys are destroyers. They don't care about individual liberty--they are the deciders.

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