Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joe's "Reality" Show

Is Joe Scarborough a conservative? Does he talk to conservatives. Perhaps a few.

As for Sarah Palin, perhaps she wouldn't have to defend herself so much if others in the Republican party made clear her right to consider running--she has a strong constituency, for good reason--rather than trying in a cowardly manner from behind the scenes to drum her out of contention in advance. (And I was a Romney supporter last time. No more. After Romney/ObamaCare it would take a lot to get me back. Could we trust Mitt to sign a repeal?)

And actually I don't think Palin was mocking Reagan, she was making the point he was underestimated and derided by the establishment.

If Scarborough reveres Reagan so much he should appreciate that.

As should finger in the wind keeper of the flame of all things Reagan who went for The One Peggy Noonan.

How interesting that Sen. John McCain recently compared Sarah to Reagan.

How admirable that financial opinion makers have recognized her smarts.

In case you missed it conservatives won big in the midterms. But then your show, Joe, isn't big on reality.

Sarah Palin is as grounded a public figure as we've seen in years. And if she takes a pass on serving America one more time, we know she'll be fine. She can teach a man to fish, after all. You might need to take her up on that.

P.S. Romney to go on Leno.

More. Jeffrey Lord, TAS: Is Sarah Palin Too Dumb to Be President? "Moderates" you might want to read this. Since you seem to have short memories.

More. Apropos, Fred Barnes:
Palin is making the most of her prominence. Her criticism of the Federal Reserve’s printing of more money was sensible and well ahead of the curve. And she instantly defended Juan Williams when he was canned by NPR, noting that, like her, he’d gone “rogue.” Palin looks increasingly formidable.
More. Legal Insurrection.

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