Thursday, November 04, 2010

A New Agenda. McConnell Livestream

The Republican Senate leader at Heritage, 10 central here. Keith Hennessey take on The One's odd presser yesterday. Probable House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor lays out 22-page game plan. And incoming Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI). Via e21:
How the Republicans Can Fulfill their Pledge (Paul Ryan in Financial Times)

To turn the corner, we now need a firm focus on restoring the basic foundations of growth: low taxes; sound and honest money; fair, predictable and reasonable regulations; and, of course, spending cuts and reforms. In our campaign we promised that the spending spree would end. As the new chairman of the House Budget Committee, I intend to see that it does. Governments around the world are currently hitting a fiscal dead end. The forced austerity being imposed in Europe shows America exactly why failure to act can be so fateful. Our window for reform is closing, but it is not too late to avert growth-killing tax increases, cuts for current beneficiaries of government programmes and reduced standards of living.

Cartoon by Chris Muir, Day by Day.

Is the president an adult?

...What Republicans can do with the Obama administration still in charge for two more years and a Dem Senate--constructive opposition--allying with Dems of like mind. Initiating oversight and legislation to cut back government in the Republican House.

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