Monday, November 01, 2010

Pollak Campaign Asks Orr to Investigate Voting Irregularity

From Pollak for Congress, IL-9th:
The Pollak campaign has asked Cook County Clerk David Orr to investigate allegations of improper behavior by election judges at Ridgeview Rehab & Nursing Center, 6450 N. Ridge Blvd., in Chicago.

The request comes after the Pollak campaign received a report Friday from poll watcher Andrea Eichler:

"The first voter approached the table. The election judge asked him if he was a Democrat or Republican. The voter objected by stating that was private. The election judge told him that she had to ask him the question. She also told him that there were two ballots. One ballot was white and the other was orange. I then informed the person in charge of the election, Encarnacion Roldan, that the judge's question was inappropriate and the information about the ballots was incorrect. Mr. Roldan then corrected the election judge and told the voter that he didn't have to state whether he was a Republican or Democrat. Mr. Roldan also told the voter that there was only one ballot."
Read on. Also, an election day pollwatchers guide here. Free iPhone Voter Fraud app here.

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