Monday, November 22, 2010

Second Hand Scanner Radiation?

Yes, the TSA is trying to keep the terrorists guessing so we're not supposed to second-guess the TSA. (No matter how astonishingly stupid, politically correct to the point of insanity, or profoundly ill-advised--there's a better way) Well, think again. This is from a science-trained millennial relative.
Read the Johns Hopkin's safety report from August 2010 here.

There's radiation that extends out from the scanner, for one, which according to the report could result in a higher than recommended dose for bystanders. And if these things break, which I have no doubt that they will given the high rate of use they're going to have and the no doubt crappy maintenance, they could be leaking a whole lot more than that.
I would think TSA employees, not just frequent flyers or cancer survivors would be worried about that. Not to mention the general public. Not to mention any parent concerned about the longterm effects on their growing child.

More and more of us are being subjected to this assault. This professional woman's reaction is very, very understandable. It's not going to be pretty. This administration had better listen up and get smarter about fighting terror.

Scientists Warn Naked Body Scanners May Cause Cancer. "They say the risk is minimal, but statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays," says a John Hopkins University doctor.

The Dems won't let us store nuclear waste entombed deep in rock in Yucca Mountain but we can be radiated routinely by this administration in the middle of our airports.

Cartoon: Jack Higgins, Chicago Sun Times

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Israeli security neither uses body scanners nor intimate cringe-inducing pat-downs. The former do not detect certain explosives and critics say radiation exposure is low only if they are properly operated, not a given with TSA drones who are hardly radiologists at Johns Hopkins.
Get the sniffer dogs, at only $5,000 a crack. We don't think they're unclean.

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