Thursday, December 16, 2010

Death to the Omnibus. McCain Calls for Filibuster*UPDATE BREAKING

BREAKING. SSENATE DEMS abandon omnibus bill.
Phil Kerpen
Reid pulled the plug on OmniPork bill because rogue Rs came back into line! Great grassroots victory!
Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) on the floor now with Sen. McCain. YAY!!!!!!!!
Philip Klein
McCain thanks Tea Party & American people for defeat of omnibus bill.

Michelle Malkin
Sen. Mark Kirk to Sen. John McCain: "Did we just win?" .i.p.
****All 12 freshman Republican Senators-elect are united. Sen. McCain was on Kudlow just now. Video:

We have to stop this bill--it will tie our hands for next year and includes $1 BILLION in ObamaCare funding.

I mentioned Gitmo North? and the massive $8 billion in pork in the earlier post.

And this: Omnibus Bill Includes Taxpayer-Funded Abortions in D.C.

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