Thursday, December 16, 2010

Durbin: ‘Reading Bills Is a Waste of Time’

Sen. Durbin (D-IL) is a waste of time. And money. In contrast, (video) Republican Sen. minority leader Mitch McConnell offers a one page resolution to continue government operations until the new Congress can take it apart and knock it back. Kirk(R-IL) here:
Mark Kirk
Fighting for a one-page bill to keep the federal gov funded through February 18th at current spending levels
Does Chicago Way Illinois Dem Dick Durbin not want us to know what's in the BIG 1,924 page, $1.2 TRILLION Omnibus bill the Democrats are SHOVING down our throats because they didn't have the GUTS to pass it BEFORE the election?

Let's see, shall we Tricky Dickie?

The omnibus spending bill that passed the House contained explicit language that prohibits funding for the closure of Gitmo and the transfer of detainees to U.S. soil. The provisions were roundly attacked by Eric Holder and the DOJ.

But guess what? The Senate version of the omnibus includes a superseding provision that would allow the transfer of detainees to the U.S. for the purpose of conducting civilian trials.

Craptastic. Yessirree all we need is terror trials at Thomson, IL with O'Hare the closest major airport. We have to keep fighting the same battles over and over again because of these lying Dem slime. They tried to pull a fast one last Christmas too as I recall. Because they figure most good folks would be otherwise engaged.

This omnibus is a cornucopia --how about this one, a TOTAL waste of time given the corrupt power grab of Sen. Durbin and his ilk:

$74,085,000 in total for three educational programs--the National Writing Project, Reading is Fundamental, and Center for Civic Education--by several representatives and senators.

Is this worth wrecking our economy? Pork and more PORK. And that's just the stuff we think we know about.

Democrats are the biggest, greediest BIG GOVERNMENT GRINCHES--they are STEALING from us and OUR CHILDREN.

More. A look at earmarks in the omnibus and your relative tax burden.

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Zilla/MJ said...

These creeps have heard nothing from us and have learned nothing from the message we sent on November 2, 2010. They refused to read the monstrous bill that will take over our health care system, they refused to read the other giant spending bills they've crammed down our throats and they CONTINUE to ridicule us and dismiss us when we say they should read stuff before they make it law! Arrogant SOBs. If they don't want to 'waste time' reading this crap, they shouldn't be making this crap in the first place.

Tom's Place said...

If that's the case, then Congress is waste of time and money.

Anne said...