Friday, December 03, 2010

Next Sarah Palin's Alaska. Slow Food:)

Hunting is on the menu. Clip below. And a Nugent podcast to come:)

Some may sneer and call her Caribou Barbie, others though, even at the NY Times, have some glimmer of understanding that millions of Americans hunt and fish as a way of life.

In Alaska, it may be a matter of life or death.

If you can't live off the land and the waters many can't afford to live there. And husbanding those renewable resources wisely is essential to putting food on the table year after year.

So I say it's Sarah Palin's slow food. Those enamored of organic farms and their markets gotta give us meat-eaters some respect too. Women used to be the gatherers, men the hunters but in Sarah Palin's Alaska filling that freezer is a family job.

And I'd go on to say this is in the best tradition of America--Teddy Roosevelt, the father of our national parks, had a great respect for the grizzly--as noted by the NY Times. In 1884:)

Tune in Sunday night, 9 Eastern, 8 Central. Live/podcast following.

P.S. Ratings are up, including this:
That’s half a million more than last week and includes a 42% increase in the important 18- to 49-year-old demographic, rising from seven hundred-thousand to one million.
More. OK, here's the Nugent tease:) He'll be podcasting an hour before the show. Plus Big Hollywood's take.

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