Wednesday, December 01, 2010

An Obscure Libertarian Governor:)

“Why Does the Media Love to Pick On Palin?” Chicago Boyz

University of Chicago professor Luigi Zingales on Palin's book, wherein he is approvingly mentioned. James Pethokoukis has highlighted this before. Video.

HT Sarah Palin:)

An Economic Bill of Rights

Ethical Populism & the Chicago School

More. The case for extending all the tax cuts. And Michael Boskin, WSJ: Why the Spending Stimulus Failed. New economic research shows why lower tax rates do far more to spur growth.

More. Via Memeorandum. ABC: Are Republicans Beginning to Waver in Their Deference Toward Sarah Palin? Not surprisingly, the PC media is behind the curve. Rove and Noonan are not conservatives--they're part of the GOP establishment elite, which has been attacking and undermining Palin behind the scenes for months. At this point, though, they have already overplayed their hand, inspiring a backlash for the top-down micro-management, especially after the massive TEA party gains in the midterms. Even those Republicans on the fence are now taking a serious second look at Palin. As well they should.

Romney and Huckster couldn't beat McCain last time. And Huckabee has never really had a hand laid on him as far as the PC media--they would savage him. Romney is hobbled by his ObamaCare clone in Massachusetts--a core GOP issue for 2012. Who will sign the repeal and replace bill.

Who can really beat The One.

Who has the smarts. And the courage. And the ability to go over the heads of the media to appeal to the American people directly.

More. Chris Muir:)

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