Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Democrats Separation of Church and State--Constitution is Church, State is Whatever the Hell they want it to be

Dems as mini-me gods. (Well, look who their leader is)

Dems never fail to amaze. During the campaign we had the now-defeated I don't care about the Constitution Phil Hare. We had the "liberal seer" Ezra Klein playing the fool just the other day, MSNBC's leftist tripe talkers--the Constitution is a fetish, now Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY):

"They are reading it like a sacred text," said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the outgoing chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties, who has studied and memorized the Constitution with talmudic intensity.

Nadler called the "ritualistic reading" on the floor "total nonsense" and "propaganda" intended to claim the document for Republicans. "You read the Torah, you read the Bible, you build a worship service around it," said Nadler, who argued that the Founders were not "demigods" and that the document's need for amendments to abolish slavery and other injustices showed it was "highly imperfect."

"You are not supposed to worship your constitution. You are supposed to govern your government by it," he said.

Yeah, well, we've seen how the Dems did it by trying the Slaughter rule, Deem and Pass, and all manner of behind closed door deals and bacchanalian pork. And they tried it again in the pig of a lame duck.

The Constitution enshrined individual liberty and the rule of law.

And you Dems aren't above it.

...By the way, this country was established on freedom of religion--not separation from it.

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