Thursday, January 06, 2011

Has Obama Really Quit?

First we had him weirdly relinquish the podium to Bill Clinton, now day to day governance to Bill Daley? Michael Barone: Daley does the opposite of groveling.

Kudlow is optimistic but then he usually is. But, as even he notes, Daley has been a lobbyist for the failed Fannie Mae. And in a 2005 interview Daley isn't prescient about global warming either:

Daley: "Many people still today, in spite of all the evidence, think that the temperature changes, the enormity of some of these storms are just the way it goes. I think that's ridiculous."
Suppelsa: "You think it's global warming?"
Daley: "Yeah, I think that it is. The only reason these storms are Category Five is because of a one-degree increase of temperature in the Gulf. What happens if that increases two degrees? Which is predicted in the next twenty-five years. These storms will be Category well-beyond-five. So these people running back to rebuild on the Florida coast or the Alabama coast or whatever, they're crazy."
Daley says coal is one answer to America's energy problems. We've got enough to run cars and heat homes for 800 years. But he says, the government must ram clean air technology down our throats.

Daley: "I think we're at that crisis point that the government ought to be taking those sort of steps."
Suppelsa: "Would Bill Daley be willing to buy a hybrid?"
Daley: "Yeah, I would. And I think, even if I don't want to, I ought to be forced to.
Yes, he's a fit on that with the Obama czarist mentality.

The NY Times gushes:
His brother, Richard M. Daley, is departing after six terms as mayor of Chicago, where his family has an almost royal status.

JPMorgan Chase has been Mr. Daley’s primary home since 2004. He was hired at Chase, company officials said, as sort of a consolation prize to Chicago, because Chase was taking over Bank One Corporation, a prominent Chicago-based company. Chase executives, including Jamie Dimon, its chairman, wanted to bring in someone with Chicago connections who could smooth over relations with wealthy clients and corporations there.

One company official, speaking only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the matter, recalled, “A few bankers said we should hire a Bill Daley,” meaning someone with Chicago political connections and clout who could serve as a new public face for Chase.

Mr. Dimon’s response was simple: “How about Bill Daley?”

Of course Daley was never registered as a lobbyist, but he has other attributes:

“The relevant thing is his ability to make the trains run on time...
Perhaps an unfortunate turn of phrase. Barack has a glass jaw. Crony capitalist Chicago Way Daley doesn't.

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