Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Illinois Signs Its Death Warrant

Dems may have voted to end the death penalty for convicted felons
"With regards to state-sanctioned killing, that is one thing that you've got to get perfect before you do, and we haven't gotten it perfected," said State Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago.
...but enacting the highest tax increase in Illinois history puts the Land of Lincoln on death row.

Acting in the dark of night, keeping those lame duck votes alive, the Democrat public union patronage machine raised the income tax by 67% and the corporate tax by 46% .
Asked if there was a lot of horse trading to win support, Quinn said "not really. Everybody voted their conscience."
Conscience? What conscience? The one bright spot is no Republicans in the minority joined them.

Those who can will leave. Beset by crushing taxes, private sector jobs will be dead in the water. Some will fold, some will escape the state.

Good old Pat Quinn, at his inauguration when he said we're going to pay our bills he meant YOU.

And Springfield Dems and Gov. Quinn have yet to cut spending. So the grim reaper is merely delayed, not denied.

More. The damage. Calculate your taxes, Illinois Policy Institute. What kind of future is this when our kids can't get jobs, start a business, or pay crushing taxes so they can never get ahead?

Around us,

Find us an employer, or a potential employer, who doesn't awaken Wednesday thinking, "They spent and borrowed Illinois into penury, they refused to cut spending as I have, and now my workers and I are supposed to pay for all that?"

Some will, of course. Not every company can leave. But many big employers can see where they're welcome and where they're tax fodder for arrogant pols.

Remember that Illinois needs 600,000 more people working to restore employment to the level it was a decade ago. Then burn 1/11/11 into your brain — along with the phrase "Goodbye, jobs."

... other states are open for hope.

But the leadership failed to win over some rank-and-file members or a single member of the Republican minority, who said the measure would hurt economic growth and working families. Opponents also objected to a spending provision within the bill that would hold growth to 2% a year, arguing the state needs actual cuts.

"We're not taking responsibility for our irresponsibility," said Republican Rep. Roger Eddy. "We're saying to the people of Illinois we're making up for our mistakes on your back."

Illinois is one of few states considering big income tax increases to address budget woes. In California, Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, proposed Monday to close the state's $25 billion budget shortfall by making steep service cuts and extending temporary increases on sales and income taxes.

Many Republican and Democratic governors across the U.S. have said they wouldn't support significant income-tax increases amid high unemployment and a weak, albeit recovering, economy, said Ron Snell, senior fellow with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

From a reader: My wife and I "are now very seriously considering a move to Washington State. I've built a practice from scratch before and I can do it again. Family can visit or move with us... I'm youngish and I owe my children a better opportunity."

...From the Tea Party Palatine:
If you thought California had the ugliest budget outlook in America, think again. California's deficit is at $21 billion, or roughly 20%, of the state budget. But in Illinois, the budget deficit of $15 billion is greater than 40% of the state's annual revenues.
And we haven't cut government SPENDING One of many comments at Crain's Chicago Business:
The courageous action which eludes Bob B. would have been to have state workers pay an additional 10%into their retirenment and half of their health insurance. That won't happen since the "tax hike Mike" Madigan, Quinn and Cullerton are bought and paid for by state employees unions who fund their campaign. When someone like NY mayor Bloomberg tries to address this type of issue the city workes have a job action and do not remove the snow.
This state would be run better with more transparency and accountability if the Mafia were in charge. But comparing the Democrats in this state to the Mafia is a bit of an insult to the ethics of the Mob.
Yes. It's the Chicago Way. Yes we can.

One more:
p.s. Crains, you might want to consider mentioning that Illinois has the highest sales tax rate and one of the highest property taxes in the country to compliment your writer's belief that we taxpayers have a great deal on our income taxes compared to other states. And that this is compliments of 40 years of Democrat controlled legislature. (The fact that there have been a couple Republican governors means almost nothing since all spending originates in the legislature.)

Also, try mentioning that our neighbor Indiana has the lowest overall tax burden in the country and is operating in the black, thank you, as are all of the states which have created pro-business environments. They are all led by Republicans as well, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence to the writer of this story.


jill said...

Unbelievably wrong and self-destructive. What a sad day for Illinoisans.

Anne said...

It makes me so, so sick at heart.

aerobrew9 said...

After experiencing the collapse of the real estate and construction markets in Chicago I've been blessed to finally find employment in my profession in Canada this past fall. I expect my family will join me here as soon as my son graduates New Trier. I doubt my children will raise a fourth generation in Wilmette, unless they become public sector union employees. As much as I miss Wilmette, I don't miss Illinois. I haven't found Canada to be utopia, but it beats the overlapping kleptocracies of Cook County and Madigan's state house. I expect to emmigrate when I am elegible, and cease any more funding of the incompetents in Springfield or double-dipping pension deadbeats. So long.

Anne said...

Godspeed to you and your family.