Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take the Right Wing Hate Speech Quiz

The American Thinker.

So. Who has been "inflaming tensions".

Ben Domenech
I shouldn't be shocked by how quickly people call for the death of their political opponents. But still, I am.

Lachlan Markay
Remember, if you end with a question mark, you're not actually calling for Palin's death. (via @, @)

Palin Twibe
via PalinTwibe.com Jews For Sarah: Now Sarah Palin Is "An Honorary Jew"

Palin Twibe
via SarahNet.net NBC's Mitchell: 'There's No Direct Link' to Palin in Giffords Shooting 'As Far As...

Palin Twibe
via SarahNet.net George Stephanopoulos: 'No Evidence' Shooter Was Motivated by Politics, Focuses On It Anyway

Guy Benson
Despicable: Bernie Sanders *fundraising* off of Tucson tragedy. / New low?

...Meanwhile Sheriff Dupnik joins the PC media in the search for the real killer.

...the PC media:
'Jim' 'Treacher'
"This is what American liberal journalism is reduced to -- lying by implication."


Lake County Right to Life said...

You know, this is a very heartbreaking tragedy, where everyone should be thinking of the pain and suffering of the victims and their families, instead of all this nonsense of trying to use this mad man's act as an excuse for political advantage! That's just wrong! Who is accusing who of vitriol? This is a terrible tragedy, due to the tragedy of mental illness itself. Yet these people are behaving just as mental as the shooter himself.

Anne said...

Yes it is a terrible tragedy.

Unfortunately while the victims were still being taken from the scene the Left started attacking Sarah Palin.

And it's not just tweeters with death threats, it's the NY Times, it's other major media.

Yes, it's sick