Monday, January 17, 2011

NY Times Thinks Illinois is Model. Why not Detroit?

Illustrating once again the intellectual rigor...mortis of the leftist organ of TRUTH.

(Do you think they're offering me a rebuttal?)

Gee, why not choose Detroit, Michigan, as their idea of paradiso, run by Dems for eons. Another Democrat and Public Sector Union Success Story: Detroit May Have to Abandon Half of Its Schools to Pay Union Benefits

P.S. Work for the State 5 Years, Pay in Zero, Get $130,000 Pension

What Budget Crisis? $98 Million for Organization Headed by Emanuel Co-Chair


Quinn announced that his narrow plurality was the equivalent of a mandate for raising taxes and the lame duck legislature set itself to work. There was something unseemly about the legislators using the so called “Veto Session” to consider new legislation rather than bills which had been returned by the governor. Worst still, the tax plans were enacted using the votes of legislators who were about to retire or who were given pink slips by the voters in their districts at the recent general election. Like Pelosi’s push for Obama Care in Washington, the unpopular tax legislation was squeaked through without the benefit of a single Republican vote. No meaningful effort was made to hold public hearings on the proposed taxes.

Angry citizens are beginning to ask hard questions. Can anyone explain why the lame duck legislature continued to serve in office beyond the date when the statewide constitutional officers were inaugurated?
And let's stipulate in Illinois unethical behavior is the norm:
But don't worry about the political leaders. Madigan is making a fortune as a tax reduction attorney, even while controlling state tax policy. Cullerton has a nice deal with that title insurance company. And the Daley boys? Well, the mayor is set to cash in once he retires, Billy is watching over President Obama, and the others are doing just fine.
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