Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SEC Investigating Illinois, California Courts Bless Layoffs

SEC investigating Illinois statements on pension fund

CA Court Rules Cities Can Unilaterally Lay Off Workers in Times of Financial Adversity; How to Protect the Workload and Safety of Remaining Workforce

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More. Illinois Shifts Reporting Standards:
A temporary income tax increase approved earlier this year is expected to raise between $6 billion and $7 billion annually, but analysts believe it solves only the state’s near-term fiscal crisis.
The Dems will be back for more. Much more. But who will be left to pay the public union piper.
Quinn said the SEC inquiry won't affect the planned bond sale.

"It's a nonpublic confidential inquiry. They wanted to just look at the (pension reform) bill that we passed ... and the pension borrowing," Quinn said. "But I don't see any problem there at all.
Oh, no problem. Governor Quinnocchio is on the case.

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