Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here's That Marc Faber Video Where He Compares Obama To A Prostitute That Everyone Is Talking About

Business Insider

...You know, with all that talk last night signifying nothing, here's one take-away--does the president think high-speed rail is our Sputnik?

He sounds like the LaRouchies.

...Jennifer Rubin asks, Where was Obama the centrist in his State of the Union? Because that's what the PC media was prepping us for.

Bottom line--being a centrist now means you have to actually cut spending. You have to deal with entitlements--that's why he set up that blue-ribbon commission. But he's ducking even that.

He's a rigid leftist ideologue--and now even his smiley-face cover is slipping....his supposed flip has flopped.

...More on the Sputnik moment. A 50 year old template, going left. What a big government hack Barack is. What a clunker of a speech.

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