Friday, January 07, 2011

Wilmette Teachers Reject Salary Freeze. Insert my Primal Scream Here

In the face of a $5.1 million District 39 deficit. As many in Illinois wake up to a proposed 75% income tax increase, a tax on internet sales, and a corporate tax from 4.8% to 8.4%, the highest of all the states, we get more in your face behavior from our PUBLIC SERVANTS.

Oh no, they think they're not as well paid as their neighboring teachers--well, you know somebody has to be below average. Do your bleepin math. Could it be Wilmette teachers are less experienced? Younger? That's probably a good thing on balance.

These unions are so IN YOUR FACE piggish.

They are bankrupting our state.

They are condemning children to cowards and killings in Chicago.

They are strangling the life out of our future.

And the administrators and the school board aren't much better--you know they'll throw up their hands and call for a referendum to raise taxes. (Oh, and what about the VILLAGE IDIOTS what are they MASTER PLANNING)

Not only should their right to strike be taken away these public sector unions should be abolished. Are these teachers with college degrees and beyond toiling in sweat shops? Can they not advocate for themselves as individuals? If they don't like their jobs can't they look for one elsewhere?

Well, there's the rub these days, isn't it.

Who pays the piper? This is how a state dies. You are inviting a death spiral.

Illinois unemployment hovers around 10% and after this brilliant move by the Dem "leadership", after NO SERIOUS SPENDING CUTS AND PUBLIC PENSION RESTRUCTURING the brain and jobs drain from this state is going to become a flood.

Then maybe we'll be looking at pink slips as enrollment drops. Gee, who did YOU vote for. And what.

And the children left?


yukio ngaby said...

Salary freeze?! Surely you jest. Who will teach Zinn to the middle schoolers if they're not guaranteed salary increases?

I can't see this working out too well for Illinois.

Anne said...

Yes, they start the leftist indoctrination early around here.

And yes, it hasn't worked out too well. Nor will it.